Hash Brown Breakfast Sandwich

Some people like having potatoes or hash browns as part of their breakfast.

Did you ever think of making a hash brown sandwich?

Ingredients required:

  1. Multi Grain Bagel or Bread
  2. Cooked Hash brown
  3. Slice of Cheese
  4. Fresh Cut Tomatoes
  5. Fresh Cut Cucumbers
  6. Lettuce
  7. Balsamic Vinaigrette
  8. Ketchup
  9. Old Fashioned Mustard
  10. Salt and Pepper



Take 2 slices of toasted bread or bagel and put 1 piece of hash brown on one side. Put Ketchup on top of the hash brown. On the other side spread the old fashioned mustard and add lettuce first. Then add the slice of cheese.  Lastly add the tomato and cucumber slices, pour a very small amount of balsamic vinaigrette and crush some fresh pepper and salt on top. Then your sandwich is done and you are ready to close it, cut it in half and eat it up.

Note: For the tomatoes and cucumbers, slice them thin so that they are less likely to fall out of the sandwich when you close it and start eating.






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